Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Scentsy 10% Off Sale

Scentsy 10% Off Sale

Once again it is transition time for Scentsy and that means it is time for the Scentsy 10% off sale. August is the time to stock up on all your favorite Scentsy products! Almost everything will be 10% off to make room for new Fall/Winter 2013 products. The new Scentsy Fall/Winter 2013 Catalog will be out and new products and fragrances will be available for purchase beginning September 1, 2013.

The Scentsy 10% off sale is only offered twice a year, so don't miss out on your chance to SAVE!!
All products in the Spring/Summer 2013 Catalog will be available at 10 percent off August 1-31, 2013, with the following exceptions:
  • Licensed products (Campus Collection Warmers, Charitable Cause products, and Patriot Collection Warmers)
  • Close-Out products
  • Scentsy Family Store/Business Supplies (including Starter Kits and Shooting Star Enhancement Kits)
  • The following Combine and Saves:
    • Perfect Plug-ins (MP-PP26)
    • Perfect Mid-Size Scentsy (MP-MS26)
    • Perfect Mid-Size Scentsy Premium (MP-PMS26)
    • Perfect Mid-Size Scentsy Combined (MP-MMIX)
    • Perfect Full-Size Scentsy (MP-PS26)
    • Perfect Full-Size Scentsy Premium (MP-PF26)
    • Perfect Full-Size Scentsy Combined (MP-FMIX)
    • Scentsy Companion System (MP-SCS)
    • Scentsy Companion System Premium (MP-PSCS)

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