Scentsy Personal and Laundry Products

Scentsy personal care and laundry products

Scentsy now offers the following Layers by Scentsy Personal Care and Laundry Products in addition to the popular Scentsy Warmers and Plug-Ins!

Shower Gel
Shower Cream
Body Lotion
Body Butter
Hand Cream
Body Spray
Solid Perfume
Washer Whiffs
Dryer Disks

Most popular Layers by Scentsy for last month:

With all of the great choices in Scentsy Layers products, wouldn't it be great to know which ones are the most popular top sellers? I have the answer!! Search through my website for favorites in every Scentsy product category.

These are the favorite Layers by Scentsy perfume, shower gel, and body sprays for last month:

Solid Perfume:
Love Story
Honeymoon Hideaway
Lucky in Love
Satin Sheets

Shower Gel:
French Lavender
Honeymoon Hideaway
Business Casual
Sugar Cookie

Body Spray:
Enchanted Mist
Lucky in Love
Love Story
Honeymoon Hideaway

Check my website monthly for a list of the previous month's favorites!

The Scentsy Shower Gel, Shower Cream, Body Lotion, Body Butter, Hand Cream, and Body Spray come in the following scents: Coconut Lemongrass, Enchanted Mist, Love Story, Luna, Quiver, and Sugar Cookie
The Scentsy Solid Perfume is available in Enchanted Mist, Linger, Love Story, Luna, Midnight Fit, My Wish, Quiver, RU N2 Me, Satin Sheets, and Simply Irresistible

Scentsy has also introduced perfume for your laundry- Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks!

Washer Whiffs - Add a cap to your wash cycle along with your regular laundry detergent and your clothes will come out smelling wonderful! Washer disks are available in Coconut Lemongrass or Quiver scents.
Dryer Disks - Are made of plastic infused with Scentsy fragrance in your choice of Coconut Lemongrass or Quiver.  They are tossed in your dryer to infuse your clothes with great Scentsy fragrance and control static. Each dryer disk lasts for up to 15 loads of clothes.  Two disks are included in each package.

Take advantage of the Scentsy Combine and Save Deals for great savings!

Washer Whiffs - The price is $12 for each bottle but can be purchased in the Combine and Save section for 6 for $60.  That is like buying 5 and getting one free!
Dryer Disks - The price is $7 for a package of two disks but can be purchased in the Combine and Save section for 6 packages for $35.  That is like buying 5 packages and getting one free!

Click here to visit the Scentsy Combine and Save section for these and other great buys!  Lots of great Combine and Save bundles that include Scentsy warmers, plug-ins, and bars!

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