Scentsy Bars

Scentsy Bars         
Scentsy wax bars

Scentsy Bars - With over 80 scents to choose from you are sure to find the perfect scents for you! Each scentsy bar weighs 3.4 ounces and comes in 8 easy to split squares. Each Scentsy square lasts about 10 hours. My suggestion is to put 2 Scentsy squares in the Scentsy full-size warmers or 1 Scentsy square in a Scentsy plug-in and enjoy the wonderful aroma!  

Most popular Scentsy Bars for last month:

With all of the great choices in Scentsy Bars, wouldn't it be great to know which ones are the most popular top sellers? I have the answer!! Search through my website for favorites in every Scentsy product category.

These are the favorite Scentsy Bars for last month:

Pumpkin Roll
Autumn Sunset
Very Merry Cranberry
Christmas Cottage
Honey Pear Cider

Check my website monthly for a list of the previous month's favorites!

For only $5 per Scentsy bar you and your guests will be able to enjoy 80 hours of fabulous fragrance!  Better yet - Combine and Save!  Click here to buy 5 Scentsy bars and get one free!  

Cost comparison of Scentsy Candles vs Yankee Candles for 1 year:

Cost of 12 Yankee Candles- ($24.99 each)
Each Yankee candle lasts 65-90 hours
Total Cost- $299.88

Average Cost of 1 Scentsy Warmer- $30.00
Cost of 12 Scentsy Bars - In the Combine and Save Deal - $50.00
Each Scentsy Bar lasts 65-90 hours
Total Cost - $80.00

That is a savings of almost $220.00 in one year!! The Scentsy warmer is also reusable and will be a lifetime investment. It can be used year after year!