New Scentsy Fall/Winter Warmers

New Scentsy Fall/Winter Warmers 2013

What better way to welcome the Fall/Winter season then with a new Scentsy warmer filling your home with great Fall fragrances! Below are 7 beautiful collections of Scentsy Warmers to choose from. Each collection has its own unique style and you can be sure there will be warmers in each collection you will love that will add the perfect touch to your space! With the Holiday season approaching consider a Scentsy warmer or plug in for the people on your Christmas list, it is a gift every person, old or young, boy or girl, will be sure to love!!

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Lampshade Collection
Stunning and colorful hand blown glass vases rest on antiqued warmer bases, projecting lustrous patterns. Each of the lampshade warmers are designed to cast a dramatic glow and will create a beautiful addition to your home or business.

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Silhouette Collection
Each wrap encircles a simple porcelain Core Warmer. When you turn on your warmer the light shines through creating a beautiful look! Only $40 (includes core and wrap of your choice) $12 individual wrap only (you can switch out any wrap with the same core) $30 (warmer only)

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Gallery Collection
Customize your Gallery Warmer by choosing from a variety of removable, magnetic frames and fill your room with beautiful shadows and light. Each Gallery Warmer has an illuminated pane to attach any of the Gallery Collection Frames and fill the room with beautiful shadows and light. Add a dose of bling or dazzle to your space with the beautifully designed Gallery Warmers.

Gallery Warmer and one frame of your choice- $35.00
Additional Frames - $7.00 each

Easily change Gallery frames for a new look , or customize your own for a unique look. Each Gallery Warmer comes with a frame of your choice. Additional frames are $7 each.

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Premium Warmers
Choose from a variety of fun premium warmers that are made with high end materials and finishes. So many styles and colors to choose from-there is something for everyone!! Each Premium warmer is approximately 4.5" wide and 6" tall and take 2 Scentsy cubes of wax to melt.

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Deluxe Warmers
Express yourself with your choice of a large variety of Deluxe warmers. There is something for every space and style! Add a trendy touch to your space with the new Giraffe or Leopard Deluxe Warmer. If your taste is more modern you will love the new Finch and Paris Deluxe Warmers.

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Element Warmers
These new Element warmers use a heating element to safely warm our wax without illumination. This makes a great addition to offices, dorms, and bedrooms! Each Element warmer is approximately 4" wide and 3.5" tall and take 2 Scentsy cubes of wax.

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Plug-In Warmers
Choose from the plug in warmers ideally sized for bathrooms, hallways, offices, or anywhere you want to add a dose of amazing fragrance and a stylish touch! Each plug in takes only one Scentsy cube of wax. They use a 15 watt bulb to melt the wax and put off a wonderful smelling aroma of your choice!

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Most Popular Scentsy Products Last Month:

With all of the great choices in Scentsy Products, wouldn't it be great to know which ones are the most popular top sellers? I have the answer!! Search through my website for favorites in every Scentsy product category.

These are the favorite Deluxe Warmers for last month:


Lampshade Collection
Cream Tulip Shade
Autumn Glow Shade
Blue Diamond Shade
Gold Tulip Shade
Brown Diamond Shade

Element Warmers
Black Zebra

These are the favorite Plug-In Warmers for last month:

Bronze Age

These are the favorite Scentsy Bars for last month:

Pumpkin Roll
Autumn Sunset
Very Merry Cranberry
Christmas Cottage
Honey Pear Cider

These are the favorite Layers by Scentsy perfume, shower gel, and body sprays for last month:

Solid Perfume:
Love Story
Lucky in Love
Simply Irresistible

Shower Gel:
French Lavender
Sunkissed Citrus
Lucky in Love
Sugar Cookie

Body Spray:
Coconut Lemongrass
Lucky in Love
Love Story
Skinny Dippin

Cost comparison of Scentsy Candles vs Yankee Candles for 1 year:

Cost of 12 Yankee Candles- ($24.99 each)
Each Yankee candle lasts 65-90 hours
Total Cost- $299.88

Average Cost of 1 Scentsy Warmer- $30.00
Cost of 12 Scentsy Bars - In the Combine and Save Deal - $50.00
Each Scentsy Bar lasts 65-90 hours
Total Cost - $80.00

That is a savings of almost $220.00 in one year!! The Scentsy warmer is also reusable and will be a lifetime investment. It can be used year after year

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