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How would you like to sell Scentsy and earn extra income?  Join my Scentsy team and earn extra income while having fun selling great Scentsy products! With Scentsy you have the flexibility to spend the amount of time you choose to invest in your Scentsy business.   Whether your purpose is to launch a career to sell Scentsy or as extra income for some recreational spending, Scentsy is the perfect business opportunity. Not only will you be able to enjoy the financial benefits of selling Scentsy, but you will also be left with the satisfaction and thrilling experience of connecting people with a product you truly believe in. 

Join my team and sell Scentsy today!

Scentsy Starter Kit:

For just $99, plus tax and shipping, Scentsy will send you a Starter Kit that includes everything you need to run your Scentsy business. It will include:

Demonstration Products
  • Party Testers (1 Full Set)
  • Category Cards (1 set of 9)
  • Full-Size Scentsy Warmer (1)
  • Scentsy Bars (2)
  • Scentsy Buddy (1)
  • Scent Pak (1)
  • Layers Products (2; contents subject to change)
  • Welcome Letter
Business Supplies
  • Scentsy Family Consultant Guide (1)
  • Scentsy Catalogs (25)
  • Showcase Brochures (25)
  • Product List (1 50-sheet pad)
  • Print-Your-Own Labels (10 sheets)
  • Invitations (100)
  • Order Forms (100)
  • Host Envelopes (5)
  • Host/Join Brochures (25)
  • Discover Scentsy DVD (1)

How much money can I make?

The amount you can earn depends completely on how much time and energy you want to invest. Scentsy Consultants can make over 30% commission off every sale as well as additional bonuses on the sales of other Scentsy Consultants they sponsor. Some of our Scentsy Consultants opt to sell just enough for a little extra pocket money, while our Scentsy Superstar Directors can make six-figure incomes per year.

Scentsy Compensation Plan

 Why Should I Join Scentsy?

  • Additional Income
  • Discounted Scentsy Products
  • Scentsy offers incentives and contests in which consultants can earn prizes and trips (last 3 incentive trips: 2010- Hawaii, 2011- Disneyworld, 2012- Dominican Republic -All Expenses Paid!!
  • Receive your own Scentys website free for the first 90 days, then just $10 a month, so customers can place online orders