Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Velata Fun Fondue From the Scentsy Family

Try Velata, the new Scentsy Family fondue warmers and yummy chocolates!  These new Velata fondue warmers are the easy way to share delicious Belgian chocolate with family and friends.  The chocolate is melted by putting it in a fun Velata fondue warmer.  The Velata warmer has a silicone dish heated by a light bulb to melt the yummy chocolate! 

There are several styles and colors of Velata fondue warmers to choose from. Choose the one to match your decor or choose several to enjoy several chocolate flavors at one time!  There are 4 different Velata Chocolate choices:

Velata Caramel Milk Chocolate                                             
Velatal Dark Chocolate
Velata Milk Chocolate
Velata White Chocolate

Chocolate Fondue has never been simpler!

Velata Fondue Warmers and Chocolates from Scentsy Family
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Each Velata Fondue Warmer is $40 and each Velata Chocolate packet is $7.  However, for best value, try one of the Velata Combine & Save deals listed below:

Alotta Velata
6 Velata Premium Chocolates of your choice, plus
2 Velata Fondue Warmers of your choice
$105 ($17 Savings)

Velata 3-Pack
3 Velata Chocolates of your choice
$20 ($1 Savings)

Velata 6-Pack
Buy 5 Velata Chocolates of your choice, get 1 FREE
$35 ($7 Savings)