Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scentsy 10% off- February Only!! Save on Scentsy Warmers!

Don't miss your opportunity to save 10% on almost every scentsy product for the month of February only! Now is the time to save up on all your favorite Scentsy warmers, plug-ins and bars!!

Save 10% during the month of FebruaryTwice a year Scentsy offers most products at a 10% discount. Take advantage of the Scentsy combine and save options to purchase Scentsy bars now! The Scentsy 6 pack (Buy 5 Scentsy bars and get 1 free) is now $22.50.  That's like getting each Scentsy bar for only $3.75 each compared to the regular individual price of $5 each. Stock up on Scentsy bars with the Scentsy 6 pack today!

* Sale excludes all campus warmers, close-out products, Charitable Cause products, February Scent and Warmer of the Month products, and the following Combine and Saves: Perfect Plug-Ins, Perfect Mid-Size Scentsy, Perfect Mid-Size Scentsy Premium, Perfect Mid-Size Scentsy Combined, Perfect Full-Size Scentsy, Perfect Full-Size Scentsy Premium, Perfect Full-Size Scentsy Combined, Scentsy Companion System, Scentsy Companion System Premium.